About Us

Interior Consultants –

An Architectural Interior Design company comprising of two ambitious Interior Consultants – Hennie and Melinda, wanting to live out our passion for all things creative and design. Antwerp Creative Studio was created by combining our creative skills and traits.

Both studied Interior Design at The Design School of Southern Africa, where we were inspired to be the most that we can be.

The name…..Antwerp is a play on the Afrikaans word ‘Ontwerp’ which directly translates to Design.

We are a small but dynamic team motivated by our passion. We are always on the lookout for new trends, ideas and inspirations, yet ORIGINALITY is key to our designs.

He is the Entrepreneur

Hennie is action-orientated, full of passion and energy. He is motivated by the pursuit of knowledge and creativity.

He began his career as a draughtsman and soon found himself helping in a furniture workshop. This is where he fell in love with using his hands to create something beautiful.

He soon realised that this is what he wanted to do and also has a deep love for teaching others.

She is the Visionary

Melinda has the ability to look at the bigger picture, spot patterns or trends and spends much of her time planning and strategizing. She is creative, resourceful and intellectual.

Starting off in the exhibition industry she gained a lot of experience in design and production combined. She briefly entered the field of commercial design but felt she belonged somewhere else.

Together, Hennie and Melinda pride themselves on the QUALITY of work they deliver.

Be imaginative, be creative!