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Interior Designers to the Residential, Retail and Hospitality Industries We take an empty space and we create something spectacular. Antwerp Creative Studio is an architectural interior design company with highly qualified designers and creative professionals.  We are always on the lookout for new trends, ideas and inspiration, and how we can use that to pioneer new directions in the interior design world. …

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Design Style

As interior consultants and designers, we specialize in a raw and edgy style that combines different materials.  We manage all the manufacturing and installations to create the bold statements we pride ourselves on. We turn structural elements into showpieces.  By juxtaposing the raw and refined, and the sleek modern with the classic vintage, we have the experience to pull together a look that is unique and stylish. Blending the textures of grainy wood with the smooth finishes of glossy metal has become very popular in the interior design space.  As contractors we have run with the trends and effortlessly combine…

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We have an in-house manufacturing workshop